The best editorial experience with Layout Builder and Low-code Site Builder

Build beautiful and user-friendly pages

Are you ready for an amazing editorial experience? Master your content creation and delivery with Drupal Layout Builder.

Key benefits:

  • Intuitive UI with lots of native components, built from our years of experience
  • Save time with easy-to-use templates
  • Easy editing for non-technical team members
  • Turn creating digital experiences into a fun and easy task
  • Fully Drupal 9 compatible

Create new sites in minutes

Combine the ease of use of our Layout Builder with the power to create high-performance Drupal websites via Rocketship, our completely open Low-Code Site Builder. The result? A beautiful new Drupal site in minutes.

Low code sitebuilder - Rocketship

How layout builder makes your life easier


Create any layout in just a few clicks

You can build pages with multiple sections without any technical skills. With the easy-to-use drag-and-drop you do the visual editing and see real-time previews of your content. Multiple columns or carousels? It’s up to you!


Personal experiences that boost conversions

Your user expects a personal approach. With Layout Builder you can personalize directly in the page builder.

Already doing marketing automation? Great, your forms integrate flawlessly.


Built-in best practices, exactly what you expect

Via our best practices, you quickly and effortlessly design the best digital experiences. Layout Builder comes with lots of default responsive content blocks like USPs, FAQs, forms and quotes.


Build once, deliver everywhere

Deliver with confidence. Don’t worry about crooked output. Layout Builder perfectly sizes and scales your content across any device and display.


Save time with templates

Save your top-performing landing pages as templates to speed up the creation of new pages. Need variations? Simply override and customize. Your template library is the perfect balance between fast-to-value and designing with total freedom.


Easy integrations

Worried about complex integrations? Not anymore. Layout Builder ​​allows easy sharing of content to content hubs, and it allows integrations for embedding external media libraries in the page-building capabilities.


Supports complex use cases

Do you have a global market? Create content quickly and easily across multiple sites and languages. All from a single platform.

Low-code empowers anyone

As a developer, you can rest easy. No limitations about what or how you build. While you define exactly where you permit marketer freedom, you stay in full control. The result? A consistent website. It’s easier, faster, and less complex. All deployment workflows and configurations are integrated into the Drupal Cloud Platform. And what about your security? That's taken care of as standard.

Rocketship into practice

Curious how editors at IOS Press set up new sites without the help of any developers?

Rocketship, open for everyone

Rocketship is the open source version of our Low-Code Site Builder. The biggest advantage? It’s open to everyone – but then so is Layout Builder. And that’s not all: it’s fully Drupal 9-compatible and natively integrated into Dropsolid Experience Cloud. Want to try for yourself? Download it for free from

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