Dropsolid is a Diamond sponsor at DrupalCon Amsterdam, 28-31 October. In this post, I’d like to share a bit about our vision for delivering the best customer experiences, our open integrated Digital Experience Platform, our partner program, and a special opportunity for DrupalCon attendees.

Are you working in a digital agency and coming to DrupalCon? We’d love to meet you at DrupalCon and talk about how our tools, infrastructure, and expertise could help you as a digital agency partner. We’ll be at Stand 13, by the catering area, so if you fancy a coffee, stop by for a chat. We’re running a very special giveaway, too. Complete a quick survey and we’ll donate 15 minutes of core contribution time as a thank you.

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A vision for Drupal to improve customer experience

I wrote about why we’re sponsoring DrupalCon. Simply put, without it, we wouldn’t exist. I also wrote about what we’re working on for the future, inspired by the market changes around digital experience management. I think we have something unique to offer our partner digital agencies right now.

I’ve gone from being a developer to a CEO, and I know the attraction of solving problems by building your own solutions. Yet, like many agencies, we discovered a few years ago that doing everything in-house was hindering us from growth. To solve this, we ended up pivoting our entire company, defining and offering solutions in a completely different way.

We found that many of our clients’ and partners’ teams were working in silos, with different focuses—one on marketing, another on hosting, and so on. We believe we have to take an integrated approach to solve today’s problems and a big part of that is offering a stellar customer experience. We discovered that investing in customer experience meant your customers stick around more and longer. This translates to increased customer lifetime value, lower customer acquisition costs, and lower running costs. But what does it take to get there?

We have to recognize how problems are connected, so we can build connected solutions. You can see this in problems like search engine optimization. SEO is as much about great user experience as it is about your content. Today, for example, the speed and performance of your website affects your search engine rankings. Incidentally, my colleagues Wouter De Bruycker (SEO Specialist) and Brent Gees (Drupal Architect) will be talking about avoiding Drupal SEO pitfalls at DrupalCon Amsterdam.

Similarly, it seemed that various solutions out there were narrowly focused on a single area. We saw the potential and power of integrating these as parts of a unified Digital Experience Platform. Stand-alone, any one of these tools offers benefits, but integrated together, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

We are taking this approach with our clients already. With each successful engagement, we add what we learn to our toolbox of integrated solutions. We are building these solutions out for customers with consultation and training to make the most out of their investments. These include our hosting platform; our local dev tool, Launchpad; our Drupal install profile, Dropsolid Rocketship; Dropsolid Personalization; and Dropsolid Search optimized with Machine Learning. 

But our vision is bigger. We are working towards an open, integrated, Digital Experience Platform that our partner agencies can leverage to greater creative freedom and increased capacity without getting in their own way.

Stop by at DrupalCon or get in touch and see what we’re building for you. 

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A Partner for European Digital Agencies

Dropsolid is the only European company sponsoring DrupalCon Amsterdam at the top-tier, Diamond sponsor level. With all due respect for our American colleagues, we believe a robust European company should exist to support all of us here. We want to help other European companies build successful digital experiences with Drupal at the core for organizations, governments, and others.

Like many Drupal agencies, we’ve gotten to where we are now providing services to our local market. Being based in Belgium, we design, strategize, build, maintain, and run websites and applications for clients, mainly in the Benelux region.


Dropsolid is the only European company sponsoring DrupalCon Amsterdam at the top-tier, Diamond sponsor level.


Now, we are looking for partners outside of Belgium to benefit from using our Drupal Open Digital Experience Platform for themselves and their customers. Dropsolid has the tools, infrastructure, and expertise to support creating sustainable digital experiences for anyone. Furthermore, we have the advantage of knowing and understanding the differing needs of our colleagues and clients across Europe.

Come join us!

We are looking for more partners to join us on this journey. By leaning on our tools and expertise, those who have already joined us now have more capacity for creative growth and opportunity.

What you might see as tedious problems and cost-centers holding your agency back, we see as our playground for invention and innovation. Our partners can extend and improve their core capabilities by off-loading some work onto us. And you gain shared revenue from selling services that your customers need.

You might be our ideal partner if you prefer

  • benefitting from recurring revenue, and 
  • not taking on additional complexity that distracts you from your core creative business.

Partners who sign up with us at DrupalCon will get significant benefits including preferred status and better terms and conditions compared to our standard offerings. Talk to us about it at our booth at Stand 13 or contact us to arrange a time to talk.

Facets of the Digital Experience - Dropsolid Sessions at DrupalCon

Check out my other post to see where to meet the Dropsolid Team at DrupalCon. You’re welcome to come say hello at our booth at Stand 13, and we can show you the facets of digital experience management as we see them, and also share our vision for the future.

Each one of our talks focuses on different facets of improving the digital experience for customers: