Creating digital experiences, accessible for everyone. Flexible. Fast. Open.

Creating personalized and scalable experiences should be easier. We believe that with an open DXP you can have it all. Freedom, flexibility and peace of mind. All while still using your own stack.

Everything you expect from a DXP and...


Connected ecosystem

Connect your existing tech stack with the flexibility to build on and unify your content and customer data.


Endless freedom

Enjoy full portability and say goodbye to expensive vendor lock-ins.


Short time to market

Profit from our easy-to-use solutions and continuous deployment processes.


Cost control

Discover the best Total Cost of Ownership through open source.

Marketers and developers are more productive if they co-create on open platforms

For marketers

Create personalized experiences across all digital channels

Deliver better leads, generate more engagement and increase your customer lifetime value through a personalized digital experience. Say goodbye to siloed content and use relevant visitor insights to uplift your data and create data-driven journeys across web, email and mobile.

For developers

Build fast and scalable websites with open technologies

Build, test and launch your websites faster and with full control over all development. Rely on the power of Dropsolid Experience Cloud to speed up delivery times, reduce errors and integrate your existing, open ecosystem.

Open DXP

Why an Open DXP?

An Open DXP is the only way to facilitate seamless orchestration of digital experiences across all channels at scale.

What does open really mean?

  • Open source technology evolves faster.
  • Open data overcomes data silos and allows a unified customer view.
  • Open culture thrives on collaboration, partnerships and mutual success.
  • Open platform is built for extensibility through integrations and APIs.
  • Open cloud supports for cloud, on prem or hybrid hosting to meet up with any data privacy standards.

Experience our platform

Discover how Dropsolid Experience Cloud enables your team to create the best digital version of your organization.
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