Use relevant customer insights to deliver personalized customer journeys with our open DXP

Marketing teams have to handle the entire customer journey, a mass of digital channels and an ever growing amount of data. A digital experience platform combines the power of unified customer information and product data, with an intuitive toolset for marketers, to control the customer experience on any digital channel.

Increase conversion rates and build long-lasting customer lifetime value (CLV) by connecting our DXP to your MarTech ecosystem.


Data-driven actions

Learn from visitor behavior and take insight driven actions to personalize your websites and trigger marketing campaigns.


Personalized customer journeys

Drive higher conversion rates with website personalization. Engage your audience with targeted email campaigns. Build long-lasting customer lifetime value (CLV) by connecting all digital channels.


Take control

Manage all your Drupal websites, personalization, search and marketing automation on a single, open platform that forms the heart of your digital ecosystem. One step at a time. Always relying on a future-proof platform.

Layout builder

Build beautiful and user-friendly pages

Get ready for an amazing editorial experience with Drupal Layout Builder.

  • Intuitive UI with lots of native components
  • Save time with easy to use templates
  • More design freedom within the limits of your corporate styling
Marketing Automation

Marketing automation at the core of your DXP

Engage your visitors through marketing, nurturing, and lifecycle campaigns across all your digital channels.

  • Design and execute multi-step marketing campaigns
  • Nurture and manage leads across channels
  • Add email, text and mobile channels to your digital customer journey
  • Seamlessly grow into distributed marketing automation whenever your organization needs it
  • Integrate with other tools in your existing MarTech stack, including your CRM and data enrichment or social platforms

Insight-driven personalization

Discover actionable visitor insights and segment your audiences to create personalized, data-driven and relevant user experiences. All while ensuring compliance with data protection regulations like GDPR.

  • Collect visitor data from all your websites into unified customer profiles
  • Your segments are immediately available for personalization across your websites and email campaigns
  • Leverage AI and machine learning to discover visitor intent faster
Smart search

Enhance your search capabilities

Dropsolid Experience Cloud comes with advanced search features that rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize results. Its self-learning site search is based on Apache Solr technology and offers a set of algorithms and tools to optimize search results in context.

  • Optimized search for seamless browsing experiences and improved customer satisfaction
  • Self-learning search engine for your website
  • Fully adjustable search parameters and AI optimization

Gain deeper insights with advanced analytics

Integration with Google Data Studio or BI tools such as Tableau provide insightful visualizations of your most important data. Understand data faster and work smarter with the analytics tools you already love.

  • Customizable dashboards provide you a quick overview of your KPIs.
  • Easy to configure: no tech team needed.
  • Secure data integrations via Integration Hub.

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