Marketing Automation with Mautic

Connect with your visitors through outstanding personalized campaigns, across all your digital channels, with Dropsolid Marketing Automation powered by Mautic.

Mautic is the most popular open-source Marketing Automation around the world. Feature rich and GDPR compliant. If you are looking for a flexible marketing automation while keeping full ownership of your customer data, you should give Dropsolid a try!

Key benefits


Get to know your visitors

Start your customer relationship from the first click. Collect all interaction data through universal customer profiles.


Increase customer loyalty

Improve visitor engagement and convert more customers through a personalized and well-timed approach, via the right touchpoints.


Across all channels

Fully automated campaigns on mobile, web and via email, thanks to the visual journey map designer.


More and better leads

Online lead management and automated lead scoring. Engage your team at the right time in the customer journey for maximum success.


Stay relevant

Use real-time data about your visitors’ engagement. Improve your customer experience and provide everyone with personalized, relevant content.


Works out of the box with Drupal

Embed your marketing forms seamlessly in your website with Drupal Layout Builder.

Why Dropsolid Marketing Automation?

We make Mautic smart and easy to work with.

Rely on the best Mautic experts and consultants to keep your Mautic updated and secure. Ready for the next step in your digital maturity? Seamlessly extend your Mautic with the full DXP capabilities of Dropsolid Experience Cloud.

Good looking email templates

Flexible templates for personalized emails that look good on any device or inbox? Our Mautics come with branded, responsive templates out of the box. We’re using best-in-class email testing suites to ensure your email templates are flawless.

Open customer data

Host Mautic in the cloud and keep control of all your customer data. We can help you set up your own Mautic environments or provide our hosting solution. Dropsolid Experience Cloud also offers an open Customer Data Platform which can be seamlessly connected to your Mautic.

Mautic Proactive Security

We keep your Mautic secure, whether it’s hosted in the Cloud or on premise. As an active member of the Mautic Security Team, we optimized our internal processes for maintenance, updates and security patches. No worries, we have your back.

Best TCO

No expensive licensing, unlike proprietary marketing automation platforms. No unexpected costs or lack of expertise, unlike managing Mautic yourself. The best TCO for complete peace of mind using Mautic.

High delivery rates

We take care of your email deliverability, also for very high volumes.

Drupal content + Mautic email

Combining Drupal and Mautic is an excellent choice for your omnichannel digital experiences. Our plugin allows to send fully automated personalized newsletters, straight from your Content Management in Drupal.

Multi Mautic

Marketing automation with Multi Mautic

Manage multiple local Mautics from a single, centralized platform across multiple regions? With Multi Mautic, you can give your local teams more control over their marketing efforts while still providing a centralized way to coordinate global campaigns. You can create a more efficient and effective marketing strategy that drives better results while keeping control of your data, budget, and governance.

Customer Data Platform

Ready to take your customer experience to the next level?

Dropsolid Experience Cloud integrates your marketing automation seamlessly, with Drupal content management, omnichannel personalization and insight-driven customer profiling.

The Dropsolid customer data platform offers unprecedented integration capabilities. Connect additional data sources and build visitor segments, manually or through our AI capabilities. Use the same segments for both website personalization and marketing automation.

Experience our platform

Discover how Dropsolid Marketing Automation empowers your team to create the best digital experience for all your stakeholders
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What is Mautic?

Mautic is the most popular open-source Marketing Automation around the world. It helps organizations engage their online visitors into loyal fans by doing marketing campaigns over email, SMS, and mobile push.

Mautic comes with a lot of features for contact management and segmentation, lead nurturing, a visual email, form, and campaign builder, as well as support for SMS and Mobile Push messaging and reporting capabilities.

Unlike proprietary Marketing Automation solutions, Mautic is open-source, and you can set up your own Mautic environments and keep full control of all your customer data.

For who is Mautic the best fit?

Mautic is an excellent marketing automation platform for B2B enterprises and (non-)governmental organizations that want to make the step from blast email campaigns to integrated and personalized digital experiences across their website, email and mobile. It allows small marketing teams to start doing nice campaigns with short time to value at an interesting TCO.

Ideally fit with a Drupal website.
Ideal fit for those who need to keep full ownership of all their code and data and want to avoid vendor lock-in.