Marketing Automation with Multi Mautic

Marketing automation with Multi Mautic is a powerful approach to managing your marketing campaigns across multiple regions and markets. By giving local teams more control over their marketing efforts while also providing a centralized way to coordinate global campaigns, you can create a more efficient and effective marketing strategy that drives better results while keeping control of your data, budget, and governance.
Multi Mautic

What is Multi Mautic?

Multi Mautic is of a combination of one Central Mautic and multiple Local Mautics to manage and execute marketing campaigns across various regions and markets. The Central Mautic is overlooked by your corporate team, while the Local Mautics are managed by your local or regional marketing and sales teams. Each individual Mautic offers the all the features Mautic has to offer. 

  1. Each local team has its own Local Mautic, which they can use to execute marketing campaigns specific to its local market. These Local Mautics are separate from each other, and data access is restricted based on the team and region they serve.
  2. On top of these Local Mautics, there is a Central Mautic controlled by your corporate marketing team. This team can use the Central Mautic to coordinate and execute global marketing campaigns across all markets while also keeping track of the overall performance, data, and security of all Local Mautics.

A Multi Mautic can provide additional features that are designed to facilitate collaboration and coordination between your local and corporate marketing teams. These features can include things like shared assets and templates, workflows, and reporting dashboards that provide insights into the performance of each Local Mautic instance.

Key benefits of our Multi Mautic


Outcome overview

Local teams get insights on their own campaign performance, while the central team can get insights in all campaigns and engagement across all local instances.


Central templates and branding

Manage email templates centrally and ensure all your local teams are using your branding consistently.


Control your data

Central team keeps control and overview of all data, while local teams can safely work on their own subset of data.


Add as many Mautics as you need

Whether it's for new teams, business units, or franchises, you can add as many instances as you need and when you need them in a multi-tenant hosting model.


Centrally controlled data integrations

No overhead or hassle of making data integrations multiple times. You integrate once with your Multi Mautic and all other Mautics follow automatically.


Easy for your local teams

Easy to scale onboarding of new teams or employees. Easy to manage both their website and marketing automation as part of the open DXP, e.g. easy integration of leadforms in their sites and re-use of content from a central DAM.

Why Dropsolid?

Based on Mautic, an open-source marketing automation tool driven by a large global community where Dropsolid plays an active role as a Product Lead and member of the security team.

  1. Simple and predictable pricing based on volumes: avoid vendor lock-in or surprises as you grow
  2. Low barrier: start small and add instances as your organization grows or matures
  3. Part of our Open DXP: one integrated platform that enables your corporate team to keep control (budget, reporting, templates, taxonomies, integrations, etc.) and local teams to get limited access to data, content, and reporting. Both for Marketing Automation ànd CMS.

How it actually works for local and corporate marketers

Local marketeers

What local marketers can do autonomously with their Local Mautic
  • Create and send emails based on predefined corporate branded templates
  • Create and manage segments, contacts, forms, and campaigns based on the user permissions that they have
  • Define their own preference center to manage subscriptions to one or multiple mailinglists
  • The local environment is where contacts “live"
  • Contacts can be created and updated from an external CRM, via contact forms, manual input or import
  • Contacts can be linked to Companies
  • Contact data such as optins, interests and profile data flows automatically to the corporate environment

Corporate marketeers

What corporate marketers can control with the Central Mautic
  • Collect all contacts (and merge them) in the corporate environment (the Central Mautic) 
  • Create and distribute email, form, and campaign templates to all local environments (the Local Mautics) 
  • Create and send emails to all contacts or specific segments
  • Have an overview of the overall audience, engagement, and campaign reports and filter them per local environment as well

Discover Multi Mautic yourself!

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