DXP Expert Services

Whether you need expert support, a review of your enterprise architecture or validation of the next step in your digital experience growth. We’re here to help.

Our goal is to provide customized solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Why come to us?


A team of experts in different fields

You can count on consultants with a very diverse expertise: Enterprise Architects, Marketing Automation experts, personalization strategists, Drupal and Devops experts, etc.


Support on milestone moments

We support our partners for milestone moments. For example: defining a new architecture with a focus on the future.


A network of trusted partners

We don’t do the complete implementation of your DXP project. You can count on our trusted partners to help you with that.


Partner support

We support our partners in the areas where they’re not fully familiar with. We do this through training, workshops and consultancy support.


Client support

If there’s no partner involved, we offer ad hoc client support through workshops, training and consultancy.

We are Drupal experts

Our 50+ Drupal specialists at Dropsolid are among the best in Europe. Together they have 620+ years Drupal experience in all things open source. From sitebuilding, coding and UX to hosting, security, maintenance, integrations, and architecture. Thanks to the close collaboration in our Dropsolid Experience Cloud team, we push each other to higher levels every day.


Drupal Emergency Support

Is your website overloaded by a surge in traffic or is your Drupal team at their wits end about a sudden issue? With an emergency intervention we can address urgent security, performance or scalability issues and get you back in business with minimal downtime.


Enterprise & Drupal Architects

Need to solve complex problems in code, config or integrations? Elevate your team and increase the quality of delivery with the support of a Drupal Architect. Together, we make considered architectural decisions at milestone moments in your Drupal projects.


Drupal DXP Audit

With a Drupal DXP Audit, Dropsolid experts closely examine your Drupal ecosystem and zoom in on potential pain points. Think beyond the average security, code or performance audit. A DXP audit looks across your entire digital ecosystem. The result? A validated report that highlights potential future risks and mitigation actions.

We are Mautic experts

Mautic is a key component in our Open Digital Experience Platform. We advise companies in hosting, deploying and developing with Mautic. Whether you want to set up your own Mautic environments or have a hands-off experience fully managed by us. We can help you with the whole lifecycle of your Digital Experience projects.


Managed Mautic hosting

Hosting in the cloud, hybrid or on premise? We can offer a solution that meets your needs.


Mautic Plugin Development

Mautic comes with a ton of plugins available to use. Dropsolid Experience Cloud offers pre-built integrations for Mautic with Drupal CMS and Unomi CDP. Do you want to integrate your CRM or other services with Mautic? We can create sustainable Mautic plugins that cover your needs.


Mautic consulting

Not sure how to best implement your Marketing Automation? Our partners can take care of the full implementation.

Need expert support? Our digital marketers, developers and enterprise architects are there to support you.

In need of DXP expert services?

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