Open Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Gain valuable visitor insights by building 360° profiles. Turn insights into actions: Make every interaction with your visitors a personalized, relevant experience.
Customer Data Platform

Get to know your customers better with an open source CDP

Personalized customer experiences are powered by targeted data. When this data is scattered throughout different systems and teams, you won’t be able to offer a seamless customer journey.

Collect all first-party customer data and generate 360° views on your client profiles.

Discover actionable visitor insights and segment your audiences to create personalized, data-driven and relevant user experiences - all while ensuring compliance with data protection regulations like GDPR.

Key benefits of an open source CDP


Universal profile

Collate visitor data from all your websites into unified customer profiles, including anonymous visitors.


Instant deployment

Your customer segments are immediately available for personalization on your website, in emails and online ads.


Capture visitor intent

Deduce your visitors’ intent in real time, and improve your customer experience further with artificial intelligence.


Multi-source data collection

Enrich your customer profiles with data from different sources, including your CRM.



Access your visitor segments from a central online hub, with an easy-to-use interface.


Proven performance

Track the results of your online personalization through our Google Analytics and Google Data Studio integrations.

Integration Hub

Connect your ecosystem with our Integration Hub

Our open source platform is designed to connect with your current tech stack, with the flexibility to build on and expand your digital experiences even further. Work with a composable architecture to enhance security, scalability and flexibility.

personalization 2

Increase the relevance of your Drupal website with real-time personalization

Turn your customer insights into actions. Deliver your audience segments directly into Drupal. Personalize any content on your website, in the editor you use every day.

Why Dropsolid Customer Data Platform?

Secure, scalable and ready for large data volumes.


Open data, open source

Dropsolid uses Apache Unomi open source technology, making vendor lock-in a thing of the past – forever. Hosted for you with the possibility to have an elastic search database on your premise. Save time on setting up and maintaining Apache Unomi yourself. Use Dropsolid Cloud Platform and security. It’s safe, it scales and it’s always up to date.


Out-of-the-box marketing integrations

Works seamlessly out of the box with Drupal CMS and Mautic open source marketing automation. Easy personalization in Drupal and Mautic. No complex integrations – it just works.


Privacy first

Consent management, data anonymization and access management ensure full GDPR compliance.

Experience our Customer Data Platform

Discover how our open Customer Data Platform in Dropsolid Experience Cloud enables your team to create the best digital experience for all your stakeholders across all digital channels.
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What is a Customer Data Platform?

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a software that collects and unifies all first-party customer data into a single, coherent complete view of each visitor, both anonymous and identified. It makes that data available to marketers to create targeted and personalized marketing campaigns across any channel.

What is the difference between CRM and a CDP?

Both a Customer Data Platform (CDP) and a Customer Relation Management Platform (CRM) store customer data into profiles. The fundamental difference is:

  • CDP also stores anonymous website profiles
  • CDP can stitch data from different sources together into persistent, unified profiles, in some cases even without visitors being explicitly logged in.
  • CDP helps marketers discover valuable audience segments and allows them to engage with them via campaigns and personalized actions across all digital channels.

What is the difference between a CDP and a Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation platforms focus on collecting digital channel data and executing digital campaigns. Marketing automation platforms do not offer the cross-channel (i.e. online/offline data) capabilities that are native to CDPs and they have known scalability and flexibility limitations.

What is the difference between a CDP and a website analytics?

Both solutions give insights into visitor behavior on your website. A CDP however, collects makes these visitor profiles actionable for marketers to use in personalization and omnichannel marketing campaigns. Website analytics stop at collecting data and giving insights.