Webinar | Improved content editing with Layout Builder in Drupal 9, Core and Rocketship.

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Layout Builder webinar with Frederik Wouters

What's this webinar about?  

In this webinar, we'll go over content editing in Core in Drupal. We'll revisit the past, demonstrate the present and envision the future. Dropsolid worked on UX research and added - and open-sourced - some great improvements. We'll cover some practical modules that come in handy and which will improve the core layout building experience.

We'll demonstrate how Layout Builder in Drupal offers a Wix-like inline editing experience, while still offering the same advantages of Drupal as a solid platform for enterprises.


      We'll cover: 

      1. the past, present and future of Layout Builder
      2. Dropsolid's UX research and improvements on Layout Builder
      3. Live demo
      4. Cool things & specific details on Layout Builder
      5. Interactive Q&A with all attendees 


      Who's this webinar for? 

      Everyone who's working - or would like to start - with content editing in Drupal. Content editors, marketeers, developers... 

      If you've watched our session at DrupalCon Europe 2021, you can still follow this webinar for more in-depth information. 


      About the speakers 

      • Frederik Wouters: Enterprise Architect at Dropsolid, Drupal lover and Open Source enthusiast to the bone.