Dropsolid Experience Cloud Pricing


Fast to value with your Drupal sites.
free to use
A low-code site builder with...
Dynamic landing pages
Intuitive layout builder
Tons of best practices included

Content Cloud

Peace of mind for your continuously evolving digital experiences.
A managed version of Drupal CMS.
How do we guarantee the best Drupal hosting and your peace of mind? By using our Drupal Cloud.

Marketing Cloud

Build long-term relations with omnichannel experiences enriched with marketing.
Content Cloud plus:
Omnichannel marketing automation
Journey orchestration
Lead nurturing
Deployment tools for Mautic

Experience Cloud

Truly personalized experiences to drive more engagement and conversion.
Marketing Cloud plus:
Customer data platform
Omni-channel AI-driven personalization
Integration hub
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All prices incl. 24/7 support and are available in cloud or hybrid hosting.

The cost of each Dropsolid module is directly tied to value and usage. Our pricing depends on the number of customers you serve, the traffic on your platform and the storage you need. Unlike other DXP, we don’t charge per email sent.

As your digital experience evolves in time and you have an existing ecosystem in place, every Dropsolid product is modular and can be added over time or integrated with your existing tech stack. The real magic of Dropsolid is how easily you combine the different modules together.

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