Why should your DXP be Open?

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Why should your DXP be Open

(updated august 2022)

Just as every business needs a website, at a certain stage of its digital maturity every organization needs an Open DXP (Digital Experience Platform). This is the only way to facilitate seamless orchestration of digital experiences across all channels at scale.

But what does "Open" in "Open DXP" really mean?



open source

Open Source

Open is more than Open Source. Starting with open source means that an open DXP is open from the ground up. It is built on the principle of shared contributions and shared success.

98% of developers use open-source software, because it evolves faster than proprietary software. Open-source projects are also considered to be more reliable, as the code is publicly available to inspect. Developers have the freedom to adjust features or add things at their own discretion, without having to wait for the software vendor.

open culture

Open Culture

An Open Culture thrives on collaboration, partnerships, shared innovation and contribution for mutual success. This provides you with freedom on a number of levels:

  • Freedom to innovate at your own pace and to create what you want without limitations.
  • Freedom to use and connect the point solutions you love.
  • Freedom to co-create and work with whatever digital partner you want.

In turn, this additional freedom decreases your business risks. It allows you to avoid vendor lock-in and unchains you from the roadmap of a single vendor.

In 2010, ‘Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM, Oracle or Microsoft.’ These days, ‘Nobody ever got fired for using Open Source!

open platform

Open Platform

An open platform is built for extensibility by using integrations and open APIs. This helps you to eliminate redundant data and content silos and allows you to scale at ease.

An open approach allows you to connect whatever point solutions you already own and to add new solutions as customer expectations evolve or as your organization digitally matures.

open data

Open Data

Most companies today still struggle with data silos. You have customer data in your CRM, in your customer support system, in your marketing tools and your ecommerce platform.

To create a holistic view of every visitor or customer, you need to leverage all this data into accessible and insightful customer profiles. At the same time, you want this valuable aggregated customer data to be available in any business application your teams are using to engage with customers.

A Customer Data Platform connects and standardizes all this customer data and leverages holistic customer profiles in real time to personalize content across all digital channels.

open cloud

Open Cloud

Your Digital Experience Platform can be hosted in the cloud, on premise or in a hybrid cloud model. The reason to select either option can be to comply with the data privacy regulations in your country or with your internal data or security policies.

Choosing a truly open DXP is choosing a tech stack that can be hosted where you need it to be.

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