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Combine content management, customer data and marketing automation.


Digital Experience Platform

Get ahead of your competitors and start delivering the best digital experiences. Discover how Dropsolid Experience Cloud can help you. Find our key product differentiators in Content Management, Marketing Automation and Customer Data Platform.

Content management

Build beautiful and user-friendly pages with our drag-and-drop page builder. Bring your entire content ecosystem into one place to keep it consistent over all your digital channels. Create the best digital experience in just minutes.

Marketing automation

Engage your visitors from the first click. Deliver personalized experiences at each step of the customer's lifecycle, and build automated campaigns to nurture your leads. Across all of your digital channels.

Customer Data Platform

Collate all your first-party customer data for a unified view of your visitors. Generate actionable insights and segment your audiences to create personalized, insight-driven and relevant user experiences. All while ensuring compliance with data protection regulations like GDPR.

All the flexibility you need with our Integration Hub

Our open platform is designed to connect with your current tech stack with the flexibility to build on and expand your digital experiences even further.

Integration Hub

Everything you expect from a DXP and...


Connected ecosystem

Connect your existing tech stack with the flexibility to build on and unify your content and customer data.


Endless freedom

Enjoy full portability and say goodbye to expensive vendor lock-ins.


Short time to market

Profit from our easy-to-use solutions and continuous deployment processes.


Cost control

Discover the best Total Cost of Ownership through open source.

Drupal Cloud

All the peace of mind you need

Optimized Drupal hosting for maximum security and performance of your websites. The most efficient developer toolset for smooth deployments and continuous evolutions. Full control of your data and consent management. All the peace of mind you need.

Marketers and developers are more productive if they co-create on open platforms

For marketers

Create personalized experiences across all digital channels

Deliver better leads, generate more engagement and increase your customer lifetime value through a personalized digital experience. Say goodbye to siloed content and use relevant visitor insights to uplift your data and create data-driven journeys across web, email and mobile.

For developers

Build fast and scalable websites with open technologies

Build, test and launch your websites faster and with full control over all development. Rely on the power of Dropsolid Experience Cloud to speed up delivery times, reduce errors and integrate your existing, open ecosystem.

Experience our platform

Discover how Dropsolid Experience Cloud enables your team to create the best digital version of your organization.
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What is a Digital Experience Platform (DXP)?

Organizations use DXPs to build, manage, deploy and continually optimize their digital experiences for all different stakeholders across multiple channels, such as websites, portals and mobile apps.

More details needed? No worries, we've dedicated an entire blog on what a DXP really is.

What is the difference between DXP and CMS?

DXP is the (r)evolution of CMS. Where your website used to be all about Content management, nowadays your visitors expect more. To deliver consistent and relevant customer experiences across different digital touchpoints a CMS is not enough. A DXP combines content and customer data. It allows marketing teams to gain deeper understanding of customer behavior across touchpoints and to use those insights to deliver the best digital experience on any digital channel they own, such as websites, portals, mobile apps, push, email and sms.

Learn how to turn your Drupal CMS into a DXP? Watch this webinar.

Why do you need a Digital Experience Platform (DXP)?

A DXP benefits your digital customer experience: more visits and leads, longer time-on-site and increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. On top of this, you will improve operational efficiency: lower maintenance costs, increased website performance and less technical debt. Deciding whether and when you need to take the step towards a DXP requires a critical look at your existing digital experience and your digital ambitions for the next 5 years:

  • Do you have the basics of your content management right?
  • How important is digital for your business at this point? What’s the potential?
  • How many digital channels to you have today?
  • How many different audiences do you cater to?
  • Where are your customer data located today? Do you have a 360 customer view?
  • etc.

Check the full digital maturity checklist to decide if you need a DXP right now:

Why should a DXP be open?

An Open DXP is the only way to facilitate seamless orchestration of digital experiences across all channels at scale. What does open really mean?

  • Open source technology evolves faster.
  • Open data overcomes data silos and allows a unified customer view.
  • Open culture thrives on collaboration, partnerships and mutual success.
  • Open platform is built for extensibility through integrations and APIs.
  • Open cloud supports for cloud, on premise or hybrid hosting to meet up with any data privacy and security standards.

Our vision on open.

What is an example of a digital experience?

Good digital experiences improve the quality of life for consumers without them even having to think about it. Bad digital experiences lead to visitors being frustrated and dropping off. Examples of good digital experiences are:

  • Booking a reservation in a hotel or restaurant and Google automatically adds it to your calendar with the right location.
  • Seamless ordering and return process with timely alerts about the shipping of your order as well as few-clicks return process.
  • When searching for a specific product, having an intuitive search experience with filters tailored to your needs and recommending exactly the results you were expecting to see.
  • Ability to reach out to your city or municipality at any point during the day or night and being able to start an application or see the status of your request.
  • Not being bombarded with irrelevant emails when you haven’t engaged with emails for a long time already.
  • Getting to see relevant content recommendations when reading the news headlines.