The most open DXP

An open composable DXP with a Hybrid/Headless CMS, Marketing automation platform, Customer Data Platform with out of the box website & email Personalisation with AI/ML and Drupal Cloud development platform for enterprises small to large who want to build the best digital experience step by step in all freedom.


Marketers and developers are more productive if they co-create on open platforms

For marketers

Create personalized experiences across all digital channels

Deliver better leads, generate more engagement and increase your customer lifetime value through a personalized digital experience. Say goodbye to siloed content and use relevant visitor insights to uplift your data and create data-driven journeys across web, email and mobile.

For developers

Build fast and scalable websites with open technologies

Build, test and launch your websites faster and with full control over all development. Rely on the power of Dropsolid Experience Cloud to speed up delivery times, reduce errors and integrate your existing, open ecosystem.

Everything you expect from a DXP and...


Connected ecosystem

Connect your existing tech stack with the flexibility to build on and unify your content and customer data.


Endless freedom

Enjoy full portability and say goodbye to expensive vendor lock-ins.


Short time to market

Profit from our easy-to-use solutions and continuous deployment processes.


Cost control

Discover the best Total Cost of Ownership through open source.

Experience our platform

Discover how Dropsolid Experience Cloud enables your team to create the best digital experience for all your stakeholders.
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What is a DXP?

Organizations use a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) to build, manage, deploy and continually optimize their digital experiences for all different stakeholders across multiple channels, such as websites, portals and mobile apps.

More details needed? No worries, we've dedicated an entire blog on what a DXP really is.

What sets Dropsolid Experience Cloud apart from proprietary DXP platforms?

The core components of our DXP are open source. That has several important benefits. Not only does the platform have an interesting Total Cost of Ownership, you keep control on where your data and platforms are hosted ànd are able to flexibly integrate with any other technology in your ecosystem. The evolution of the open components is driven forward by a large global community, and that’s the key to sustainable digital success.

Read more about our unique product vision.

Can I try your platform?

Would you like to see the capabilities in a guided demo? Schedule a call with our product experts.
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How does the pricing work?

The cost of each Dropsolid module is directly tied to value and usage. Our pricing depends on the number of customers you serve, the traffic on your platform and the storage you need. Unlike other DXP, we don’t charge per email sent.

As your digital experience evolves over time and you have an existing ecosystem in place, every Dropsolid product is modular and can be added as needed or integrated with your existing tech stack. The real magic of Dropsolid is how easily you combine the different modules together.

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